What's in Your Socket?

What's in Your Socket?

A socket is a socket is a socket, right? Maybe...if you're assembling Ikea furniture or a swingset. 

What about projects you really care about, like an engine mod, aftermarket wheel installation or brake job? Using sockets that are strong, precise and dependable can literally make or brake you (pun intended).

Powerbuilt sockets offer precise fit and strength to spare. You can't see all the top-notch materials and performance features built into our sockets, but it's there all the same.

Better Metal

It starts with the metal. We specify premium Chrome Vanadium steel for our chrome sockets and Chrome Molybdenum steel for impact sockets.

Other brands rely on carbon steel because it's "good enough". Not here. Only the best is good enough. Chrome vanadium steel is more durable than carbon steel, making it ideal for making sockets that last a lifetime (or longer).

And Powerbuilt chrome vanadium sockets are tested to withstand a 30-hour salt spray corrosion test. Which means you can count on them being rust-free, permanently. 

That rich chrome finish is like a coat of armor - protective and beautiful.

Inner Beauty

And underneath that shiny exterior are performance features that make our sockets a pleasure to use as well as look at:

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards for fit, finish and torque
  • Exceeds ANSI standards for socket length
  • Punched-thru center holes for maximum clearance and secure fit on nuts and bolt heads   
  • Chamfered openings for easier mating to fasteners
  • Z-Drive™ hex design that contacts the flat walls of fasteners for stronger grip and less chance of round-off plus up to 20% more torque
  • Permanent jumbo size markings forged into socket walls for easy size identification

Inside and out, Powerbuilt sockets are simply better. Yet they cost the same or less than other brands. So the next time you need to do a job right, pick the right socket. 

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