High Quality, Innovative and Durable Tools

Powerbuilt offers best in class tools and equipment that deliver quality, innovation and durability to automotive professionals and enthusiasts. For 40 years we’ve produced consistent quality, performance and value to earn the trust of tool users. We got here by working harder than the next guy to make our tools work right, last longer and look better.

Designed to Save You Time and Money

Powerbuilt tools are more affordable than many other brands. Yet they deliver as much or more performance than the overpriced stuff. Our full-time in-house R & D staff is obsessed with design, materials, fit and finish. We utilize the latest technologies such as Finite Element Analysis and 3D printing to speed up the development process. The end result of all the lab coat geekiness? Meaningful innovation that saves you time and money in the real world.


Proven Performance

Powerbuilt tools and equipment are designed and tested to ensure they meet or exceed applicable ANSI and ASME standards. And they’re tested every day in the real world by professionals and do-it-yourselfers. You can rely on the strength, precision and dependability of Powerbuilt to get the job done.

How good are Powerbuilt Tools? Here’s what Powerbuilt tool owners say:

Powerbuilt tool owners rave about the performance of our products:

  • 98% of them would recommend Powerbuilt products to friends and co-workers
  • 93% of them are satisfied with the performance of their Powerbuilt products
  • They say they appreciate Powerbuilt appearance, features, function, price and warranty

    Guaranteed for Life

    We know your tools need to perform, day in and day out. We design, test and build Powerbuilt products to withstand anything short of outright abuse. So if something breaks or wears out, we'll replace it. No questions asked.

    That's why we say: Powerbuilt for Life.