5 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Tool Lovers

5 Valentine's Gift Ideas for Tool Lovers

Looking for Valentine's gift ideas for the tool lover in your life? These 5 sweet Powerbuilt tools are better than a box of chocolates. And of course, they're red, because...Valentine's Day!


T-Handle Bicycle Torque Wrench


If your Valentine works on their own bicycles, they'll love this nifty little torque wrench. It ensures they apply the exact amount of torque to bicycle bolts. That's important, especially for expensive carbon fiber parts like handlebars and stems.  It's accurate, fast and easy to use. And the T-handle is so comfortable, it will fit them to a "T".

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20V Lithium-Ion Cordless Drill

A cordless drill is almost always the first power tool any guy or gal purchases. It's such a handy and versatile tool to have, for everything from assembling Ikea furniture to buffing out a scratch on her pride-and-joy car or truck.

The Powerbuilt 20 Volt Cordless Drill is a great choice, one your sweetie will be pleased to receive and happy to own. It offers the features and performance of much more expensive drills without the unnecessary frills.  

And the Powerbuilt drill comes complete with a set of drill and screwdriver bits, all tucked away in a nice storage case.

This drill is so light, compact and easy to use that you might want to buy one for yourself! After all, you can't love someone else until you love yourself!

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Tool Bag

Your honey will love this tool bag! They'll use it to organize car washing and waxing supplies, or stuff it with power tools and hand tools for quick and easy access. We've even had a customer use it to organize tailgating supplies!

And because it's portable and compact (about 21 inches long by 9 inches high and wide) they'll take it along on road trips, toss it in the trunk or use it around the house or garage as a lightweight and handy toolbox.

Your S.O. will be using this durable bag for many years to come. And, bonus, it folds flat, which makes it easy for you to gift wrap it.

(Note, the tools and gear shown in the photo are not included). 

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Laser Thermometer

This is the kind of gadget that everyone loves. For starters, it uses a laser, and lasers are cool.  And it uses the laser to measure the temperature of just about anything. That includes barbeques, engines, house heaters, lights, brakes, pets and more.  

It’s easy to use. They just point the laser guide at the object to be measured and see the temperature displayed on the digital readout. With an 8-to-1 distance to spot ratio, they can take readings from a distance, a great safety and convenience feature for measuring dangerous or out of reach surfaces.  

Give them this and their feelings for you will heat up for sure.

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Rechargeable LED Spotlight

Here's a gift idea that will light up their face! This bright and compact LED light is cordless and rechargeable, which means they can take it anywhere and use it everywhere, indoors and outdoors.

They can hang it, set it on the ground, on a table, under a car hood or just hold it like a flashlight. 

And thanks to the built-in USB port for charging a smartphone, they'll keep the music going during work and play.

It may not be as romantic as candlelight, but it's certainly more practical.

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Happy Valentines Day!

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