The Powerbuilt U-Jack

The Powerbuilt U-Jack

The Powerbuilt U-Jack saves you time and hassle doing your own service and repairs like brake jobs, tire rotations, wheel swaps and more. It eliminates the hassle of placing a jack stand at a factory approved lift point on your car or truck.

The secret? A patented saddle with a slot in it that fits the mast saddle of pretty much any jack stand on the market.  Simply jack up your vehicle with the U-Jack, place a jack stand in the saddle slot, then lower and remove the U-Jack. It's that simple!

Here’s how easy it is to place your jack stand where you need it using the U-Jack:

1. Jack up your vehicle up with the U-jack

2. Slip your jackstand into the U-Jack saddle slot

3. Raise the jackstand mast to meet the lift point

4. Lower and remove the U-Jack

That's it! Your vehicle is on a jack stand supporting it at the factory lift point. When you finish your service or repair, just reverse the process to remove the jack stand.

You can use the U-Jack without a jack stand too - just like a regular floor jack. The wide saddle offers stability and support to spare!

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