The Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Roller Seat

The Powerbuilt Heavy Duty Roller Seat

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This rock-solid roller offers pro-quality construction and features you won’t find on cheapo rolling stools. It’s a small investment that will pay handsome dividends in comfort and performance.

The large 4” diameter rubber wheels roll soft and smooth over concrete and cracks. They swivel like butter on ball bearing casters. You can lock two of the wheels – handy when you’re working on a sloped driveway.

Those smooth-rolling wheels are anchored to a strong and stiff steel frame that spans a full 22” length and 12” width. This generous wheelbase minimizes the chance of the tipping that plagues lesser quality stools.

The seating pod offers a sliding storage bin under the seat surface, as well as two handy trays for holding tools, small parts and up to 4 cans of fluids, cleaners and/or your favorite beverage.

The seating area itself is a generous 18” long by 10” wide and has a non-slip surface. With a 300-pound load capacity, this chariot could’ve shuttled Henry VIII himself around the royal garage.

Buy now and get a FREE seat pad! 

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