The Powerbuilt Strut Spring Compressor Tool

The Powerbuilt Strut Spring Compressor Tool

Remove and replace struts safely and easily with this patented strut coil spring compressor tool. Heavy-duty steel construction offers strength and security other strut removal tools only dream of.

Weighing in at 30 pounds, this steel powerhouse is big and bombproof. In other words...just what you want when handling compressed springs. 

You'll need a secure bench vise to use this tool. 

Here's how fast, easy and safe it is to remove and replace struts using this tool:

  1. Slide the clamp plate on the tool shaft into your bench vise and tighten the vise securely. Check to make sure the tool won't slip under load 
  2. Insert the spring coils into the cutouts on the compressor plates.
  3. Wind the safety cables through the spring and clip into place.
  4. With the cables securely in place, use a 1/2" drive impact wrench or ratchet on the center screw to close the plates enough to compress the spring.
  5. Once the pressure is off the top bolt, simply unbolt the strut cap and remove the strut.
  6. Wind the safety cables through the spring and clip into place.

To install a new strut, just reverse these steps.  Bada-bing, Bada-boom!

You can store the compressor in the included storage case between uses.

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  • Andy Somerville
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