How To Make Your Shelter Sweeter

How To Make Your Shelter Sweeter

Every cloud has a silver lining. For instance, sheltering in place offers a rare chance to clean and organize your space, finish those neglected projects, or start (and finish!) new ones.

Even mundane tasks like changing oil or replacing old fence boards take on a new luster when you've run out of shows to binge-watch. Who might even get your family to pitch in!

Like you, we're spending lots of time at home, so we've been busy researching ways to make your shelter a little sweeter.

Garage, Shop, Man Cave, She Shed...all are fair game these days! You can do this!

Get Organized

Let's start with some visual inspiration, courtesy of HGTV. Some of these ideas might be a little over the top, but there's some clever stuff in here. And reusing something you'd otherwise throw away reduces clutter in landfills too.

The idea of using an old filing cabinet to store garden tools, scrap wood or metal stock is a good one. And...we have a few of those cabinets collecting dust at the office....

Shed Some Light

Lack of good lighting in the garage or shop is a bummer. And if you're a bit older and have less than perfect vision, it's even worse. Nothing like dropping a small screw on the floor and hearing it roll away in the darkness, taking your sanity with it.

Thankfully, adding lights is downright easy these days. And unlike those buzzing and flickering fluorescent tubes, new lights last much longer and cost much less to operate.

Not to brag, ok, just a little - our LED overhead lights are really nice. They weigh next to nothing, are easy to hang, put out tons of glare-free light and can be daisy-chained together by plugging them into each other. 

Check out this video featuring yours truly.  If I can install these, you can too, believe me!

Add Some Color

Before you say we're crazy, close your eyes and imagine a splash of color on one of your garage or shop walls. These bloggers chose yellow. That might not be your first choice, but there's no arguing that it brightens up the place. Maybe some racing stripes or checkboard is more your speed. 

One idea you might prefer? A faux brick wall like the one pictured in the video above. We bought ours at Home Depot and it's surprisingly cheap - around $35 for a 4' x 8' x 1/4" sheet. It's easy to install and looks pretty awesome.

Be Floored

Feeling down about being stuck at home? Down is where the floor is, and where there's a floor, there's an opportunity to add some comfort and utility to your work or play space. 

You already know how much it costs to epoxy a floor or install interlocking tiles. Way above our ability (epoxy) and pay grade (tiles). Here's a cool compromise though. Check out this checkerboard rug from etrailer. It's billed as an RV mat, but that just means it's built to last and easy to hose off. And at 9' x 12' it's plenty big too!

If that's a little too racy for you, a more conventional indoor/outdoor rug will work.  There's plenty of patterns and colors to choose from at your local home improvement store, so you're sure to find something to match your freshly painted walls. 

Go Vertical 

Speaking of walls, if you're like us, you've got empty or underused wall space in your garage, shop or shed. A blank canvas so to speak, rich with opportunity to organize things once and for all.

We're going to brag one more time here, about our garage and shop wall organizer products. They're strong, flexible and attractive - who wouldn't want that in a Man Cave or She Shed?

It's hard to compare them to other products, as there aren't many options out there besides basic masonite pegboard or outrageously expensive custom garage organizers. 

Ours is easy to install - check out Powerbuilt staffer Greg's video of his garage installation. You can expect to spend about an hour installing a basic system. Then you can change the layout and add on to your heart's content. Oh...and you can paint them to match your racing stripe motif too!

Get Inspired

Ready to dive in? Here's a little aspirational inspiration, in the form of some way-over-the-top Man Cave ideasAnd we haven't forgotten the ladies..check out these great She Sheds.

Don't forget to share your thoughts and ideas about making your shelter a bit sweeter.

Stay safe out there!

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