Socket Story

Most tools look pretty much the same on the outside.  A socket is a socket is a socket, right? Maybe, if you're assembling Ikea furniture or a swingset. But for projects you really care about, like an engine mod, aftermarket wheel installation or brake job?  Using tools that are strong, precise and dependable can literally make or break you.

Powerbuilt tools are designed and built to offer you quality and value. You can't see the craftsmanship that goes into a socket, but it's there.

It starts with the metal. We specify premium chrome vanadium steel for our sockets. Other brands rely on carbon steel because it's "good enough". Not here. Only the best is good enough. Our chrome vanadium sockets are tested to withstand a 30-hour salt spray corrosion test.

Which means you can count on them being rust-free permanently 

We take that top quality alloy steel and forge it into a superior socket:

  • Meets or exceeds ANSI standards for fit, finish and torque
  • Exceeds ANSI standards for socket length
  • Center holes are punched through for extra depth on the work surface   
  • Z-Drive™ hex design that contacts the flat walls of fasteners for stronger grip and less chance of round-off
  • Jumbo size markings are three times larger than standard for easy size selection.   The size callout is forged into the socket wall and won't rub off or wear out with use