Top 10 Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas

Top 10 Father's Day Tool Gift Ideas

Tools and gadgets make any dad happy. Here are 10 unique gift ideas for dads who love tools, cars and gear. 

1. Car Trunk Tool Bag

Your dad will love this tool bag, even if he drives a truck or (gasp) mini-van. Why? It holds a ton of tools and supplies. He'll use it to organize car washing and waxing supplies, or stuff it with power tools and hand tools for quick and easy access on the job.

And because it's portable and compact (about 21 inches long by 9 inches high and wide) he'll take it along on road trips, toss it in an RV or trailer or use it in the garage as a handy toolbox.

Dad will be using this durable bag for many Father's' Days to come. And, bonus, it folds flat, which makes it easy for him to store and easy for you to wrap. 

(Note, the tools and gear shown in the photo are not included). 

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2. Heavy Duty Rolling Seat

Your dad probably works hard and plays hard. And that can be hard on the back and knees, especially if he's approaching the 'golden years'. 

This gift isn't about age, though. It's about making the stuff he does around the house and garage a bit more fun.

Fun? Sure. For starters, this stool has wheels, and anything with wheels (this side of a wheelchair) is fun! These are big, smooth 4-inch rubber wheels so dad can zip around the garage or driveway and make drag-racing noises while he's at it.

Next, it has handy tool trays, complete with holders for his favorite adult beverage. In fact, pairing this stool with a six-pack would make a great gift combo

Thanks to you, dad will soon be smiling as he glides along from brake jobs to washing to waxing to checking tire pressure.  

And thanks to heavy-duty construction, even big daddies will roll along for years on this top quality stool. 

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3. 161 Piece Socket Set

For some dads, too many sockets is still not enough. This is the set for those dads. He'll love the huge range of standard and metric sockets in regular and deep lengths.

Dads with less than 20/20 vision will appreciate the jumbo size markings forged into the socket wall so he can locate the right size socket quickly and easily. 

He'll enjoy driving those sockets with the included 72-tooth quick release ratchets. They're smooth and strong too, thanks to gear-to-gear ratchets that withstand dad-sized torque with ease. 

We've added a useful selection of SAE and metric wrenches and nut drivers to round out the set. Everything stores in the included carry case for easy storage and portability. 

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4. Rechargeable Cordless Work Light

Here's a gift idea that will light up your dad's face! This powerful little work light is cordless and rechargeable, which means he can take it anywhere and use it everywhere, indoors and outdoors.

He can hang it, set it on the ground, on a table, under a car hood or just hold it like a flashlight. Perfect for dads that camp, hunt, fish, boat, barbeque, party, paint, build or repair stuff.

In other words, every dad on the planet can use one of these!  

And thanks to the built-in USB port for charging his smartphone, he'll keep the music going through work and play. He'll think you're brighter and smarter than ever for giving him this unique gift. 

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5. 12V Electric Lug Nut Wrench for Roadside Tire Changes

Dads love road trips, with or without his darling children or grandchildren on board. The road is about freedom and escape. Nothing takes the air out of a road trip faster than a flat tire. Not only are flat tires dangerous, fixing one is time consuming, dirty and hard work.

The first call is to AAA, but if they're out of reach or delayed, the next best thing is this nifty little electric lug wrench. It's powered by the battery in dad's car or truck. He'll just plug it into the cigarette lighter, load the included lug nut socket and press the toggle button.

That's when the magic happens. This powerful wrench hums to life and breaks loose even the most stubborn lug nuts. It's so much easier than wrestling with a lug wrench, and he'll think of you fondly (like he used to when you were fighting in the back seat with your brother). 

It works equally well on car, truck, trailer and RV lug nuts. No matter what and where Dad is driving, this is one handy tool he'll love.

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7. Kneeling Pad

Chances are good your dad took a knee to propose to his soon-to-be wife. Chances are better he's been on his knees a few times since, whether for work, play or begging forgiveness.

This pad will become his knees' best friend from the moment they meet. It's thick and comfy and ideal for changing the flat tire mentioned above, installing baseboard or flooring, painting, car maintenance, gardening and more.

And when the work is done and it's time to head to the big game, it makes a great stadium seat pad too!  

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8. 3 Gallon Air Compressor

Any dad with a garage or workshop needs an air compressor. There's no better tool for cleaning, using air tools, inflating tires or spray painting. He'll use this compact powerful air compressor everywhere.

It's portable enough to carry up and down stairs for remodeling work. It's powerful enough to run small to medium air tools like brad nailers and crown staplers. It's quiet enough to use early and late in the day without bothering the neighbors.

It comes complete with an air hose and accessories so dad can use it right out of the box. 

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9. Hobby Knife with Retractable Blade


If your dad is an engineer, woodworker, crafter, home mechanic or artist type, he'll love this knife. Unlike traditional Xacto knives, this one has a retractable blade. Dad can twist the barrel to open it and twist it again to close it. And thanks to the shirt pocket clip, he can stow this knife safely next to his favorite pen.

Bonus: if Dad uses a pocket protector, this will be his favorite Father's Day gift. Guaranteed. 

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10. Jumbo Combination Wrench

If your dad already has every tool ever made, fear not! Unless he works in a shipyard or oil refinery, chances are he doesn't have this wrench.

Why? For one thing, it's big. At about 30 inches long, it's designed to turn bolts with 2-1/2" wide hex heads. That's a BIG wrench for a BIG bolt! 

For another, it's heavy, about 13 pounds, and frankly, a little pricey given how impractical it is. But if you want to give dad a gift that symbolizes his love for tools and your love for him, this is the one to get.  

It wouldn't look out of place mounted on the wall above his workbench or over the man-cave door.  

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