The Recap: Spark Plug Motorcycle Maintenance

The Recap: Spark Plug Motorcycle Maintenance

They say motorcycles move the soul and they might be right. But it’s a fact the internal combustion engine moves our motorcycles. Powerbuilt tools helps make sure they keep running smoothly.

Whether you ride American V-Twins, import super bikes, on road or off, Powerbuilt tools covers your maintenance needs from fender to fender. Air, fuel, and spark are the cornerstones to a smooth-running motorcycle. Losing any one can leave you on the side of the road. Check those spark plugs for gap and fouling is a required service.

Getting Access

Remove the pull plug wires to gain access to the spark plugs. Make sure they are soft and supple. Brittle and stiff wires need to be replaced.

Using the Powerbuilt 3/8” Dr. 9” Pro Tech Flex Head Ratchet (649952)

Getting Your Tools of Choice

Select your Powerbuilt ratchet of choice to break the spark plug loose with the Powerbuilt 3/8" Dr. 5/8" Spark Plug Socket (643000).

Break Loose

Break that spark plug loose. Go ahead and back it all the way out.


Visual inspection of spark plugs can tell you a lot about what’s is happening in your engine. Plugs bear the telltale signs of how well your engine is running by the condition of the plug. Are they black, burnt, oily, broken, or old? Time to swap them out with a fresh set.

Reverse Engineer

Once you’ve got your engine diagnosis and a fresh set of plugs, reverse the process to reinstall. Then get out on the road and ride.

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