The Powerbuilt Power Grip Pliers

The Powerbuilt Power Grip Pliers

Powerbuilt self-adjusting Power Grip pliers offer speed, versatility and grip strength unmatched by regular slip joint or groove joint pliers.

Just squeeze the spring-loaded handles and close the jaws around whatever you need to grip or turn.

The high leverage pivot and parallel jaws generate tons of grip with minimal effort. Laminated steel construction delivers strength, stiffness and durability. 

You'll reach for these pliers every time you need to grab onto something fast. Perfect for home, garage, RV, boat, toolbox and more.

Available in 7-inch and 10-inch sizes.

  • Jaws grab and grip everything from bolt to pipes to sheet metal
  • Auto-adjusting design for fast, accurate sizing
  • V-notch jaw for holding and truing pipe stock
  • Laminated steel construction for stiffness and strength
  • Affordable quality
  • Strong and dependable enough to last a lifetime

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