The Powerbuilt Borescope Inspection Camera

The Powerbuilt Borescope Inspection Camera

View and inspect just about anything, anywhere with the Powerbuilt Digital  Borescope! It’s durable, compact and easy to use. Small enough to fit in your shirt pocket or toolbox drawer. 

The 18-inch long semi-rigid camera shaft stores inside the unit for safekeeping. When you’re ready to use the camera, unwind the cable and feed the 300-megapixel camera lens into an opening as small as 5/16” diameter. Then view and capture images on the 2-1/4” color LCD display.

Adjust the built-in LEDs on the camera tip for more or less light. The 4X zoom makes it easier to find and inspect detailed areas. And you can select either white or UV light, depending on your inspection needs.

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