The Powerbuilt 12V Portable Digital Air Compressor Tire Inflator

The Powerbuilt 12V Portable Digital Air Compressor Tire Inflator

You'll quickly and accurately inflate car, truck, SUV and bike tires, sporting goods and camping equipment with the Powerbuilt 12-volt portable digital air compressor tire inflator.

Simply plug it into a 12V vehicle power outlet, thread it onto the tire valve, press the power button and sit back as it does all the work for you.

Airing up tires? No need to wrestle with bulky air hoses or hover over the tire with a pressure gauge. Just enter your target PSI on the digital display and the compressor will automatically shut off when the tire pressure reaches the target. It’s fast, convenient and accurate to +/- 2 PSI.

The high-quality flexible air hose is a generous 20 inches long to easily reach tire valves. The brass tire chuck is threaded for secure attachment to automotive Schrader tire valves. Use the included needle and cone adapters for sporting and camping gear. It evens comes with a Presta valve adapter for inflating bicycle tires.

A 12-foot power cord with in-line fuse ensures you can reach all four tires on most vehicles. And thanks to compact size, you can easily store the compressor behind a seat, in an RV storage bin or car trunk.

Say goodbye to gas station compressors, hand and foot pumps and bulky air hoses with the Powerbuilt 12V portable air compressor. It’s compact, powerful, versatile and convenient.

Suggested Retail: $49.99

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