The Powerbuilt 12V Impact Wrench for Tire Changes

The Powerbuilt 12V Impact Wrench for Tire Changes

Summer is coming, and so are road trips. And if the road takes you far out there, or even off the road entirely, AAA might not be available.

Be prepared with the Powerbuilt 12 volt DC Impact Wrench. When you need to change a tire, just plug it into your vehicle cigarette lighter or 12V outlet. Attach the correct size impact lug nut socket. Then press and hold the trigger until the wrench winds up, breaks loose the lug nut socket and spins it off. Repeat for the remaining lug nuts and in no time at all you'll be back on the road.

The Powerbuilt 12V Impact Wrench Set is perfect for emergency roadside tire changes. Always be prepared with this compact durable power tool that harnesses 250 ft-lbs of torque. Loosen and tighten vehicle lug nuts quickly and easily.

It comes with a 2-sided impact socket to fit most passenger vehicle lug nuts. And if you have a different lug nut size, you can use any 1/2" drive lug nut socket with this handy wrench. There's even a spare fuse in case of overload.

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