The Powerbuilt Adjustable Bearing Race and Seal Installer Kit

The Powerbuilt Adjustable Bearing Race and Seal Installer Kit

This innovative tool saves time and toolbox space versus using a conventional set of bearing race installer adapters.

The usual drill for installing bearing races is to find the correct size adapter, screw it into the hammer handle then tap the race into place.

The time-consuming part is test-fitting various adapters until you find the correct size. And if your tools aren't quite ultra-organized, those adapters have a habit of migrating to the bottom of a tool drawer.

Does this sight look familiar? If so you'll appreciate the "one size fits all" design of this tool. Ther are no separate adapters here - you just twist the handle to expand the holder to grab and hold any size bearing or race between 0.73 and 3.5 inches.

Once you determine the correct size, just tighten the lock collar to hold the setting in place. Then just tap the race or seal in as you would with any other installer tool.

And instead of trying to wrangle a bunch of loose adapters, the tool stores in its own case for safe keeping between uses.

Check it out here.

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  • Andy Somerville
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