Building Skills With Cub Scouts

Building Skills With Cub Scouts

It's nice to see kids working with their hands on something other than video game controllers. Even better when they're learning how to use hand tools safely and properly. And you never know - it might plant a seed that grows into a blooming career in the trades.

Recently, Cub Scout Pack 251 embarked on a building project using tools provided by Powerbuilt. Here's what one of the Pack leaders had to say about the project: 

"Each scout learned about every tool you sent, the name, how to use, safety rules, and then got to practice with each one before starting on the final project. Many of the boys said the "Baloo the Builder" adventure of building their very own tool box was their favorite adventure yet! And that says a lot because the scouts complete many adventures each year!

The boys and their parents are truly grateful for your role in helping teach our scouts such important life skills as tool use and safety and for sending the boys home with some amazing, quality tools from Powerbuilt tools! We cannot thank you enough for your generosity."  

We're excited to support the next generation of technicians, electricians and tradespeople. After all, someone needs to fix our real car so we can zip down to the video game store for the latest virtual reality headset!

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  • Andy Somerville
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  • Kyle Strange
    Kyle Strange

    Awesome thing to do teaching the younger generation.

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