10 Great Gifts for Truck Owners

10 Great Gifts for Truck Owners

Know someone who loves their truck a little too much? Here are 10 great gift ideas any truck owner will love too!

1. Truck Service Step

What: A folding step that fits over a truck tire so you can reach roof racks, engine bays, camper shells, and wash and wax hard-to-reach spots.

Why: Lots of truck owners install roof and bed racks to carry everything from bikes to cargo boxes to pipes and lumber. This step makes it easy to reach stuff up high, especially on lifted trucks. It fits virtually every truck tire made (even semi-truck tires!), holds up to 300 pounds and folds flat for easy storage.

How Much: $44.99 | Shop Now 

2. Kneeling Pad

What: A thick, cushy durable pad for down-low truck repairs, washing and waxing. Think brake jobs, tire rotations, tire pressure checks, paint detailing, trailer hookups.

Why: Truck lovers dote on their beloved vehicles. They'll happily grovel on the driveway to take care of whatever needs looking after. This thick, luxurious pad makes kneeling in homage much less painful. And when the work is done, they can sit on this pad and admire their 4-wheeled wonder.

How Much: $14.99 | Shop Now

3. Tool and Gear Bag

What: A heavy duty 21-inch tool and gear bag that holds everything from washing and waxing supplies to tow straps, road flares, emergency supplies and tools.

Why: Trucks and tools go together like peanut butter and jelly. This cavernous bag will safely and securely hold whatever they need for work or play. And it's built to last under the toughest conditions they can find.

How Much: $31.99 | Shop Now

4. Carabiner LED Worklight

What: A bright LED worklight that clips or sticks onto just about anything and sits hands-free on any flat surface.

Why: Every truck owner drives, works, plays or camps in the dark. They will use this unique and cool light as a work light and flashlight everytime they need to see better. At 6 inches tall, it's big enough to hold comfortably and can be clipped onto a branch, rope, strap or pipe. The built-in magnets stick to any steel surface, and they can fold it and use it hands-free on the ground, bumper, table and any other flat surface.

How Much: $9.99 | Shop Now

5. Billy Club Universal Lug Wrench

What: A burly all-in-one lug wrench that removes lug nuts with less effort and more speed.

Why: Trucks (and trailers and RVs) get flat tires and need periodic tire rotation. The Billy Club is a compact, all-in-one lug wrench that fits every truck on the road. Your truck enthusiast will love the ingenious time and energy saving design of this heavy duty wrench. And they'll appreciate how little space it takes to store one too. 

How Much: $29.99 | Shop Now

6. 12V Tire and Sports Gear Inflator

What: A fast and effective tire inflator that plugs into a truck cigarette lighter outlet.

Why: Trucks have tires and tires need air. They'll use this portable inflator to easily add air to tires without stopping at the gas station. And they can air up bike tires, sporting goods and camping gear just as quickly. It uses digital technology for speed and accuracy and is compact for easy storage. 

How Much: $59.99 | Shop Now

7. TripleX 3-in-1 Floor Creeper and Seat 

What: A premium quality floor creeper that converts into a low or mid-height roller seat.

Why: it's 3 gifts in 1, and it's universally loved by truck owners who work on, wash and wax their own rigs. They can use it as a floor creeper to roll under their truck for inspection, repairs and installations. And in just seconds, they can convert it to a low or mid-level roller seat for brake jobs, cleaning and waxing. It wouldn't be out of place in a Transformers sequel. 

How Much: $99.99 | Shop Now

8. Laser Thermometer

What: An accurate, fast and safe laser thermometer gun 

Why: Taking temperature readings around the garage, house and worksite is fast and easy with this digital infrared thermometer.  Your trucker will use it to measure engine and brake surface temps, A/C and heater units, and the T-bone steak on the BBQ. 

How Much: $19.99 | Shop Now

9. 24 Piece Socket Set

What: A compact socket set with a nice ratchet and selection of SAE and metric sockets

Why: Even truck owners with a big tool collection will love this set. It's small enough to fit in a glove box but offers big performance when needed. They'll stow it in their truck, trailer or tool bag and use it for little jobs and quick adjustments. And the tools are so nice, they'll smile every time they use them.

How Much: $34.99 | Shop Now

10. 2000W Inverter Generator

What: A small, powerful portable generator that produces up to 2000 watts of power

Why: Truck owners go places. Campgrounds, duck blinds, tailgate parties, jobsites. Though pricey, this little powerhouse generator will serve them for years. It's quiet enough for backyard or campsite, powerful enough to run power tools, TVs and small appliances, and safe for use with sensitive electronics like phones, tablets and laptops. 

How Much: $499.99 | Shop Now

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