Powerbuilt Tool of the Week - 22 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set

Powerbuilt Tool of the Week - 22 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver Set



Each week the Powerbuilt blog spotlights a Powerbuilt product that is new or a classic staff or customer favorite.

This week's tool, the Powerbuilt 22 Piece Ratcheting Bit Driver is unlike any you've ever seen. Sure it offers a reversible ratchet for fast operation. When that's still not fast enough, you can engage the built-in gearbox and enjoy 4 times faster-turning action.

It's not quite as fast as a power drill, but it's a lot more portable and convenient than one. 

All that turning might lead to tired hands, but not with the ergonomic handle shape. A built-in thumb rest helps spread the load and makes screw-driving tasks a breeze. It looks funky but works like a charm.

Add the 21 high-quality screwdriver bits and you've got a winning package!

  • Built-in gearbox for turning up to 4x faster than conventional bit drivers 
  • Reversible ratcheting mechanism
  • Ergonomic soft-grip handle with integrated thumb rest for reduced fatigue
  • Includes 21 high-quality screwdriver bits with storage trays
  • Lifetime warranty

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  • Andy Somerville
Comments 1
  • kyle strange
    kyle strange

    Truly a great tool love the design and dependably it provides in my hands.

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